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2011-12-04 09:44:05 by Echo

Ok so it's been a while since I updated my newspost, so here I am with an update on whats been going on with me, as well as an updated song list!. Enjoy ;)

Action & Trailer
- Inexorable
- Minutes to Midnight
- A Little Push (MD 2011)
- Vengeance

- Goddess
- More Coming Soon

- Faith

- Alive (RD2011)

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Current Projects
So now that the NGADM is finally over, after months of hard work, I find myself once again swamped under lots of work due to personal projects.

Firstly, I'm in the process of creating my first ever Album, entitled "Eye of the Dragon" which will have a total of 11 tracks, with some bonus tracks for Bandcamp Buyers. Work on the album is going quite well, with 2 tracks already mostly finished and more already in progress. I've also got my hands on a talented artist who I will not reveal for now.

In other news, I've also joined a music production company that goes by the name Logical Defiance Productions, where i have joined a talented team of composers who I look forward to working with in the future.

Besides this, I've also been featured as composer in a Refab advertisement produced in my own country. Check it out!

So thats it for now! To keep updated with my progress, be sure to check my Facebook page for updates! Thanks :D



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2011-12-09 05:50:21

I think the guy who gave you all that criticism and nearly half of the song titles of the album should be credited too :P.

Echo responds:

Screw you.


2011-12-10 07:15:34

Credit me gosh darn it.

Echo responds:

Same as above :P


2011-12-14 10:47:23

Brb contacting lawyer.

Echo responds:

Come at me bro.


2011-12-19 06:02:55

Er... My lawyer... emigrated to Uzbekistan.

Echo responds: