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Much better...

...Then the previous two. This one actually brought out a chuckle and made me smile. It also actually made sense for once...

The plot was pretty predictable, but it was still averagely funny. As usual, you could have expanded the storyline much more, and a longer movie would have resulted in a better plot.

Layout and audio were as usual great and pretty realistic.

=Review Request Club=

PantyWipe responds:

Glad you liked it!

Like the previous...

Like the previous volume, had the potential to be way better, adn with more time, im sure you could have found several different ideas that you could have expanded. As far as the humour, it was average and didnt exactly make complete sense.

Audio and Layout were realistic at least and that sure got ur points up a bit.

Overall, once again, with more work this could shape up to be much better...

=Review Request Club=

PantyWipe responds:

Good for a KK movie tho, right?


ok, so not that bad a movie. Im afraid i didnt really apreciate the humour, because the movie was way too short, there were soo many directions that you could have taken. I'd have liked to see how the ghosts reacted , or maybe the food thingies could have done something during the drug addiction.

layout was good however, and the realistic game sounds helped too. It would have been a bit better if the screen had been bigger though.

Overall, not a bad job, but making it longer could work in your favour.

=Review Request Club=

PantyWipe responds:

Thank you!

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Not a bad attempt, seeing as its ur first...

Well, u put some work into it, that always counts. I took soem tiem on lvl 4 cos of the bug but i eventually got through.

Graphics were pretty simple, mostly freehand shapes. This makes the game look somewhat generic so you should watch out for it. Animation when it came to moving objects was decently smooth and not many glitches on this part.

The real highlight was the audio. You chose a particularly good piece and if u put in a theme whihc matched with it u could go far.

Overall, not a bad attempt for ur first try but u could definetely do better.

=Review Request Club=

Joshsouza responds:

u might want to woerk on ur speling lol. But thanks for the review, Since I was a noob at the time, I couldn't debug anything for shit. But in my next game, most of that will be taken care of. Please fix your spelling next time, I could barely read the part about the audio.



Quite a smoot animation, but the fact that the only thing which happened was that the dino moved wasn't exactly taht helpful to you score. Its very frustrating in some aspects as those tiny moving things which you called cave men are amazingly annoying and they had me banging my head against the key board after a couple of games (not sure if that's a good thing...)

Graphics were pretty simple too. It was only black and white and no background to provide any depth. Not a bad idea on this part but u really need to improve those graphics and the animation could do with a bit of a change...


It wasn't a bad concept, but it needs some work. i've listed a few points below which might help with this

-You need to vary the storyline a bit. What i was thinking was that as the game progressed, the dino could move from stone age to modern, making the game getting more difficult as it went by. As u moved on, you could make the dino discover new abilites such as swat (waves its hand to destroy aircraft), block (protects itself from incoming missiles which get fired from more advanced enemies). Dunno about anything else but you could work on this. What i've told u is just an idea. ;)

-As supersteph54, a powerup system always increases ur score and it always helps to make gameplay interesting. Colours would be nice to help the user to quickly understand what kind of a power up it is.

-the high score system is great, as it provides the user with the opportunity to see where he stands on a global level.

-You definetely need a menu as nto many people see the controls next to the preloader, me included.

-Try to paragraph ur author's comments too. it helps if people see it in small paragraphs. more people read it that way ;)


Audio was pretty basic, with the same basic thingy looping over and over again, it got on my nerves prety quickly, and the fact that u can't switch it off, got my nerves on even more.

If u could put in a sfx or music off button, it helps as most users just cant stand playing with repetitive music going on and on. trust me, it gives u headaches.


Not a bad job, but u definetely need to improve on this one.
-Add a background
-Make audio more interesting or provide a switch off option
-Include a menu.
-Work on what i mentioned in terms of storyline.
-powerups could help too

keep up your good work though.

-Review Request Club-

P.S. you have the honour of being the person to get my longest flash review yet. Only 1500 characters left lol...

chesster415 responds:

Wow. That was some review. My first time back online in over two weeks, when I submitted this game and I've got quite a bit of reading to do.
This was just something simple to do because I hadn't made anything in a while. I had already finished the game before I realized there were no instructions. I added it to the side of the preloader because as soon as you hit "play" the game would start up. And it would be loaded quickly enough that you could go straight from the preloader to info without the game being fully loaded.
I really had no storyline to speak of nor any reason to be stomping the cavemen. The story was added as an afterthought to justify the caveman stomping, and give an excuse for the different effects the cavemen had when stepped on. The baby dinos were there to make some kind of semi-plausible life counter. As I couln't figure out what else might put an end to the dino's rampage.
I sort of thought that the mountains were a background. I was trying to do this quickly and no colors meant no time spent shading or color adjustments.
I really should have made a mute button though thanks for pointing that out, I usually do. Or put in a volume control, which makes a mute button kind of superfluous.
As for the paragraphing of my comments I'll do my best to make future commentary indented. Thanks for the execessively long review.

Not bad....

Quite good in fact.


Not a bad resolution. Graphics were quite good, as the stars contrasted well with the background, providing a crisp image whcih didn't confuse you in game. As for animation, the star which was controlled, responded well to the mouse's instructions and the transition from colour to colour was smooth and quick, not leaving the player thinking 'is that green, yellow or blue???'


The concept was fine, although not exactly original as there are dozens of games running around newgrounds which have the basic same idea. A little originality coudln't hurt, although it understand that maybe this was only a test to see what people thought of in terms of new ideas. What i could suggest, was maybe adding a few more ideas to the game. For example, the star got smaller when it gor hit by stars it dind't have to collect. This wasn't an overally bad thing as the loss in size made it easier to dodge the stars. What you coudl do was implement a system of bonuses such as: Smaller size, larger size, immunity {For some time} etc.

As for gampeplay, like i said before, mouse movement and sensitivity was smooth and there wasn't any lag when it came to moving. Gameplay could've been more challenging as it was quite easy to collect the good stars and doge the bad ones although i did liek the fact that the star got bigger, making it more challenging. Also, the colour change was too rapid in my opinion.

I liked the fact that you put up 3 different game modes. Quite original that and provided a couple of extra layers to gameplay depth.


There was no background music in the game. Maybe you coudl use a few pieces of music which resemble space or stellar stuff.

Sound effects weren't bad and had no lag to them although, there weer no sound effects when you hit a star you couldn't collect...


The game was well thought out. Imrpoving on previous versions and including new items at the same time. Not a bad work. Could use some more variety and a few pinches of originality. Add those and you've got yourself a great game. Good work.

-Review Request Club-

chesster415 responds:

Thanks, I like the bonuses idea, but there should have been a sound when you hit a star you couldn't collect. I don't know if I accidentally put up an older version here, but if you didn't hear any background music I might have. The music can be set it the options menu if it doesn't start right away. I'll see what I can do about that.

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NGADM Review:
Contrary to what you might think, this was actually a really really great effort at orchestral, particularly considering it's not your normal genre. You've got great ideas and really good instrumentation, and the overall structure was pretty well-worked, albeit a bit bland at points.

My chief complaint with this was probably the lack of depth. For an orchestral piece, it lacked a certain texture to it that's normally necessary. Chords, alternate melodies, backing instruments, etc would have gone a long way to solve this, instead of just front-side instruments and percussion. That being said, I love how you managed to mix in your normal style into something which is experimental for you, as I know that's not an easy thing to pull off.

Overall, great piece, with a lot of potential. You've definitely got some good ideas, and you put them to great use, so keep up the good work!

Score: 8/10

johnfn responds:

Hey Echo, thanks for the review!

I want to ask for clarification on one point though - what do you mean by "chords, alternate melodies, backing instruments"? Like, at 2:20 you're in the middle of a 16 bar chord progression (that's a lot of chords) and there are like 3 melodies going on. Do you mean I should have had a break in that section?

I also don't totally understand the difference between front and backside instruments. This is just because I'm an orchestral noob. Could you PM me or something? Thanks!

NGADM Review:
So absurd, and yet so ridiculously fantastic. This is the definitely the most original piece this round, and it's amazing how so many seemingly random melodies can fit together so superbly. You've got great compositional skills, and instrumentation is out of world, with some truly otherworldly use of those synths and soundfonts. Fantastic work!

There is very little I can say against this piece. You've got a couple of mixing issues here and there, but nothing that truly deducts from the level of the track. Drum-work could have been a bit better, but again, nothing major. Solid intro and outro, and great development in between.

Overall, an amazingly well-done piece. Keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Score: 9.2/10

steampianist responds:

Thank you very much

NGADM Review:
Honestly, this piece was a bit below par when compared to what you've made before. You've got some good ideas, and composition wise it's pretty sound. Mixing is also great, with no particular issues that I can hear.

However, it's just way way too short for any sort of real development to happen. The background is repetitive and kind of weak, not delivering the atmosphere you'd hope for from this kind of piece. The wind effects in the intro were nicely used, but the outro was just abrupt and cut-short. Transitions were a bit awkward throughout too, and sometimes the instruments just tapered off into random melodies which didn't really fit, particularly the bells.

Overall, this could really have used more work, as I feel that it had the potential to be so much more.

Score: 7.8

SourJovis responds:

Below par? If you say so. As a musician I don't feel the need to compare it to anything. It is what it is, and that's all there's to it. Because you're a judge I see why you had to do it.

I don't know what you mean with the transitions were awkward. I don't think they sound anything out of the ordinary, but they're strong enough to give an introduction to the next part.

With random do you mean the bells at 0:50 alternativesolution talked about? Like I said the melody is carefully calculated, and there's a clear logic to it. If you listen carefully you'll hear it. The fact that I'm able to recall the bell melody by head, proves it's not random, because that's not possible for truly random melodies. I didn't calculate the main melody that comes before and after the bell part. In that sense the melody at 0:50 is actually less random than the main one.

The song was intended as a loop, so the outro was supposed to transit into intro again, but the Newgrounds player doesn't let you do fancy stuff like that, that's why I had to cut it short a little. It could've sounded better I agree, but not under these circumstances. Nothing I can do about it I'm afraid.

I hate to say this, but none of the judge's comments convince me to change anything about the song. I'm happy with the song the way it is, and I prefer to leave it this way.

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Nice pic. Very nice. The detail is incredible. If only it were bigger and had more vertical lenght, it'd fit nicely as a wallpaper.

On to the pic itself. Starting with the background, i loved the dark purple gradient you used, as somehow it seemed to mix perfectly with the foreground picture. I also liked the fact that the background faded to black as it approached the sig. As for the streams of light thingies, i liked the fact that they werent completely solid, but more separate beams. I also liked the helixes spiralling around them, and the white splashes of paint drops which gave the pic some extra cool factor.

Overall, its a fantastic piece, with a great use of the division of thirds to draw the eye to the main section, but with enough detail in the remainder to allow the viewer to enjoy every pixel of the pic. Nice work!

=Review Request Club=

Flash-Gamers responds:

Yeah, I did want this to be used as a wallpaper...kinda of stretched out but it still looks good.

Thanks for the review!
Had to spruce it up, so I added the paint splatters!

I find this review helpful!

Review Request Club

Id say that the most detailed part of this is the stitching on the shoe. The realism you put into those areas are amazing, and the different darkness and great use of shading helped to make the shoe 3D-ish.

The lace was also pretty well done, as was the sole of the shoe, with variable shading incorporated into the thickness to help the realism to increase. The one thing id comment on was the foot hole, as this lacked shading and as such gained an almost 2D look which didnt mix in well with the rest of the pic.

As for the rest, its pretty much brilliant. I cant wait to see it when its finished.

=Review Request Club=

Fro responds:


Not bad...

Starting off with the face, it has a decent amount of detail put into it, and the bold colours served to contrast well with the background and general abstract nature of the rest of the pic, However, i feel that the eyes didnt match well with the face, as while the face was sharp and clear, the eyes were all fuzzy and blurred up.

As for the laser, its pretty decent, with a great use of perspective to help along in making the pic more realistic. I also noticed the fact that the blue particle things didnt follow the helical shape that the white ones did, meaning that while the white particles spiralled around the laser, alternating from front to back, the blue particles seemed to be constantly at the front. Other then that, i liked the realism in the laser, with an interesting use of shading to give it more depth and to not make it look like a big blue line.

Overall, a decent piece of art, with a great background which helped the main image along and decent work on the main image itself.

=Review Request Club=

Flash-Gamers responds:

The eyes were blurred on purpose.

Thanks for the review, and yeah I re-edit the pic, just haven't got around to reposting the fixed picture....but will get around to doing it sooner or later.

Glad u like the realism of the laser!

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