Eye of the Dragon

2012-02-11 08:50:23 by Echo

Just uploaded my latest track! Probably my best to date in my opinion.

Check it out!


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2012-02-11 09:40:10

Checked it out. Awesome stuff man.

Echo responds:

Tks :D


2012-02-11 16:11:15

Holy shit!! AWESOME!


2012-02-11 16:14:50

hmm... for a quick moment I totally ignored my memory...

Kungfu Panda melodies are everywhere...???? You took the main theme too?!@$%#$! WTF???


2012-02-12 09:01:22

Bloody hell man, you did it again. He's right - I went and searched 'Kung Fu Panda 1 soundtrack' and instantly got the EXACT same melody that you used in Eye of the Dragon.

This is certainly not the first time you did this - and now you're adding insult to injury too because you're submitting it to a contest which prohibits using melodies which aren't yours. Oh and I noticed you went and changed some notes of Eye of the Dragon's melody, while still keeping the exact same chord progression, with hopes of getting away with it. Very crafty.

It's insulting to have everyone else make their own ORIGINAL work while you go and copy someone else's melody and submit it to the competition. You had better admit you took the melody from Kung Fu Panda in the NAC discussion thread right now before you piss me off any further.


2012-02-18 15:57:00

Steph, can you show a link to what you think it sounds like? I have the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack, it while obviously both sharing Asian influence, it doesn't sound like a direct quote to me.


2012-02-18 16:00:43

Nevermind, I saw your post in the MAC thread. Well, in any case I think your altered melody doesn't sound anything like it, other than sounding Asian.

Echo responds:

Good to know I've changed it enough then :) Tks!


2012-02-28 15:31:27


Echo responds: