New Logo and Soundcloud!

2012-06-18 00:15:47 by Echo

So as you can see by my user icon, I've got myself a new logo, which I have to admit, looks pretty darn cool. Thanks go to a friend of mine for designing the concept, after which I translated the sketches into a vector image on the PC.

Also, I've got myself a SoundCloud Account (link's in the sidebar to the left) where I should be uploading some music.

I'm also currently working on creating Music Videos with visualizations for my YouTube account, so I can start updating it again. We'll see how that goes I guess...


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2012-09-03 16:18:59

What is your Youtube accounts name? i find your music very entrancing, it's great. I would love to see these videos you are working on when you are finished.

Echo responds:

My YouTube name is EchoProductionsNG, you can find the channel here => roductionsNG/videos. It's currently not very up to date, but I'll be upgrading it eventually :)