Wings EP Released!

2013-04-10 06:02:04 by Echo

My orchestral EP, Wings, is now finally ready and available for purchase on Bandcamp!

An EP? What's that?
An EP (Extended Play) is a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full studio album. In Layman's terms: Not quite an album, but not quite a single either.

Tell me more!
Wings is a continuous play album, even though Bandcamp doesn't let you play it continuously from start to finish, and has 4 tracks - The Call, Flight, Cloud Runner and Return. It is one of my largest projects to date, and took about 60 hours of production time, a couple hundred patterns, no small amount of coffee, and performance enhancing drugs. The genre is orchestral soundtrack with an adventure theme, something which I haven't delved into all that much before, but which turned out pretty well if I say so myself.

Can I listen to the EP beforehand?
Of course! You can listen to snippets of the EP on Newgrounds: dated=1

Or alternatively, you can also preview the tracks on Soundcloud (which actually supports continuous play) and on Bandcamp before making your purchase.

So, how much does it cost?
The EP costs $3.99 on Bandcamp, but you can pay more if you're feeling generous! Bandcamp offers you a full array of formats to download, including lossless.

Can I buy a track separately?
Sure thing, even though I wouldn't exactly recommend it due to the continuous nature of the EP, meaning that each track won't make much sense on its own. Here is the full track list with links to the separate sections of the EP:

1. The Call
2. Flight
3. Cloud Runner
4. Return

Remember, you can preview each track before you buy it!

On a final note, if you're interested further in my work, why not check me out on Facebook, Soundcloud, or even here on Newgrounds. I always appreciate feedback of any sort!

Wings EP Released!


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2013-04-11 07:22:51

The cover looks awesome. :)

Echo responds:

I'm glad you think so :D