Entry #17

Website launched!

2013-05-21 11:50:17 by Echo

So, I've been meaning to launch my own website for quite a while now, and it's finally happened! Created in the wix.com HTML 5 editor, the website features a list of all my musical works, as well as links to buy them from Bandcamp. It also provides a way for anyone who wishes to contact me, to do so easily and quickly, and also a News section that will let you stay more up to date with what's going on!

For the moment, the domain isn't all that simple to remember, because I haven't gotten round to buying one of my own yet, but it'll do to be going on with! You can check it out here. Feel free to donate, buy or download my music, and share the website with your friends! It'd be much appreciated!

Website launched!


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2013-05-22 06:37:21

Nice design, smooth and easily navigable. The transitions between pages are pretty neat too.

Echo responds:

Thanks for the feedback!


2013-05-22 10:18:56

Congratulations. :)

Echo responds:



2013-06-05 09:59:43

learn php you slave

Echo responds:

Too lazy |:[