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Tri-Stream Tri-Stream

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice pic. Very nice. The detail is incredible. If only it were bigger and had more vertical lenght, it'd fit nicely as a wallpaper.

On to the pic itself. Starting with the background, i loved the dark purple gradient you used, as somehow it seemed to mix perfectly with the foreground picture. I also liked the fact that the background faded to black as it approached the sig. As for the streams of light thingies, i liked the fact that they werent completely solid, but more separate beams. I also liked the helixes spiralling around them, and the white splashes of paint drops which gave the pic some extra cool factor.

Overall, its a fantastic piece, with a great use of the division of thirds to draw the eye to the main section, but with enough detail in the remainder to allow the viewer to enjoy every pixel of the pic. Nice work!

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Yeah, I did want this to be used as a wallpaper...kinda of stretched out but it still looks good.

Thanks for the review!
Had to spruce it up, so I added the paint splatters!

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Firing My Laza Firing My Laza

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad...

Starting off with the face, it has a decent amount of detail put into it, and the bold colours served to contrast well with the background and general abstract nature of the rest of the pic, However, i feel that the eyes didnt match well with the face, as while the face was sharp and clear, the eyes were all fuzzy and blurred up.

As for the laser, its pretty decent, with a great use of perspective to help along in making the pic more realistic. I also noticed the fact that the blue particle things didnt follow the helical shape that the white ones did, meaning that while the white particles spiralled around the laser, alternating from front to back, the blue particles seemed to be constantly at the front. Other then that, i liked the realism in the laser, with an interesting use of shading to give it more depth and to not make it look like a big blue line.

Overall, a decent piece of art, with a great background which helped the main image along and decent work on the main image itself.

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Flash-Gamers responds:

The eyes were blurred on purpose.

Thanks for the review, and yeah I re-edit the pic, just haven't got around to reposting the fixed picture....but will get around to doing it sooner or later.

Glad u like the realism of the laser!

Jesbus MC8 Jesbus MC8

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, not bad i suppose...

Its not up to the standards of what i've seen before, but its not bad.

The fact that u included shading in this is a definite imrpovement and helps u on ur way to adding colours.

U put in quite some work on this and it shows, the detail u portrayed was quite good even if it was only a sketch.

What it also needs besides colour is a background which would help to add depth to the picture.

Like i siad before, u have some talent in art and u really should continue to develop it. If u do that, u'll be in the art portal in no time. Not a bad job, keep it up.

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madness combat 9 madness combat 9

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This needs more work...

Dude, you really need to change ur genre. how many madness sketches do you have???

Anyways, this isn't quite as good as Jesbus Watching over hank, although the style is pretty much the same.

u really have a talent at drawing, i gotta give u that, but its a shame that a picture like this doesn't have colour. That would make it almost perfect. As coop83 said, its way too light and airy for something based on madness combat, whihc is dark and evil.

Overall, its not a bad concept but u need to work on it more and bring it to its full potential.

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Jesbus watching over hank Jesbus watching over hank

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

you need colours man...

Colours would indeed improve this art a whole lot more.

As it is, its alreay not bad for a sketch. Idea was a pretty good one and i liked the way taht u portrayed it.

the outlines are great although, seeing as its a sketch, they could be better.

What would really take this to its full potential would be a background and colours for the foreground. Its a bit too simple as it is now and u really have something which u could develop here.

Overall, its not a bad job, but if u work on the negatives mentioned, u'll do even better.

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Goomba's Last Moments Goomba's Last Moments

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

oh dang it...

This picture is pretty good.


Not a bad idea and well portrayed too. You have a good way of turning ideas inot solid art so keep it up. Good work.

=Colour Choice=

Colour choice was good too although i noticed the same thing about the eyes as Coop83 so you might want to change that.

Background didn't contrast enough with the main image so you might want to change that too. But still, not bad work.


This is whatu need to work on. it isn't much of a background as it could use more variety.

As i mentioned already, the colour is way too similar to that of Goomba so that is something you might want to work on.

This section is what ur weakest at so work on it and u'll get a better score next time.


Not a bad work, outlines do need to be thinner though but Goomba was well portrayed,

i especially liked the shadows as they portrayed what u wanted to say very well. Good job at this and keep up the good work.


As i mentioned in the above sections, i really believe that this is a very good piece but work on the negatives i mentioned and it'll be even better.

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chesster415 responds:

Cool, thanks. I do think the background should be worked on, but I couldn't think of a floor choice for a Goomba that would describe the setting from this angle better than bricks. Most of the floors in Mario Bros. games are shown from the side with a cross section. The textures don't really have much in the way of overhead details. And a Goomba in a fortress doesn't seem as pitiable. A lot of people seem to want thinner lines too.

Pancake Pancake

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

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Well it's not really much of a pancake. You definetely need to work on improving your ideas and portraying them better.

For one thing, its way too perfect adn circular, a normal pancake needs to be rough and irregular, it's one of the things which make a pancake a pancake.

The butter and syrup look pretty good but still, way too regular and perfect. You need to work on that.

There was no background so tah reduced your score even more. The use of a background is important in pictures like this one, as it provides a more varied and interesting piece of art.

That's basically it, work on this more and you mgiht get a better score next time.

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chesster415 responds:

Thanks for the review. Apparently the lack of flaws is one of the biggest flaws, that and no background.